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Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Build Notes:

(Download the Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Build Notes PDF from the Thing Files page for the latest and more information.)

Overview of Triaxial makes:

This original Triaxial Tourbillon remix is weight driven and the STLs are versions of A26’s design that I modified to add support for ball bearings and some other features. Given the plastic escapement parts this remix was never meant to keep correct time, also it is very inefficient so the weight only keeps it working for a couple of hours. Therefore it is not a practical clock. I designed the ‘Triaxial Quartz Movement Upgrade’, which replaces the clock face in this remix, so it could be used to display the correct time when it was hanging on a wall.

The weight in this remix is painful to wind, so make it easier to animate I designed the Motorized Astronomia. For the Motorized Astronomia I basically started with a clean slate. All of the parts have been redesigned, with no intention to be compatible with my original remix.

However, jdirgo has done some great things with his make of the Motorized Astronomia (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:892383). Adapting the the gear driven hands of the remix to the Motorized version, and making a carbon fiber balance wheel to allow it to tick at an accurate rate.

Hopefully this information will help you know which design to download.

Because this was a remix of A26’s design, I had only posted the parts that I changed. In the Build Notes I listed the files that needed to be downloaded from A26’s page. But this has led to a lot of confusion. With A26’s permission, I have posted the missing STL files (listed below) to this page. Now all the necessary files for a make can be found on the Thing Files page.

  • balancespring
  • hands
  • moon
  • hourgear1
  • hourgear2
  • hourgear3
  • sidebearingblock (print 2)
  • 12Tgear (print 2)
  • 24t20tgear
  • 24tgear
  • 39tgear
  • 10tbevel_3-1 (print 3)
  • 30tbevel_3-1 (print 2)

Adding this link to A26’s page, because the latest website ‘upgrade’ dropped the Maker link on the Thing Details page.
To the get missing parts, go to A26’s Triaxial Tourbillon Clock (Astronomia) page at

Updated the ‘Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Make’ PDF file. Added a table that lists and provides some details for all the STL files to the end of the file.
Also added ‘Carriertop shaft whole’ and ‘Whole Earth’ STL files for SLS printers.

Due to popular demand I created a remix that replaces the mechanically driven clock hands with a quartz movement. Check it out at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3677946.

Check out my new Triple Axis Tourbillon design at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3615577
It’s based on a Cabestan watch of of the same name.

Added a picture that shows the components of the Clock Face.

Added ‘Main Frame-carriertop no shaft’ and ‘Main Frame-carriertop shaft half’ STLs so you can print the carriertop separatly from the shaft if you have problems with the shaft of the Main Frame-carriertop breaking off. With this approach the fuses of the shaft are printed lengthwise, rather than around the circumference of the shaft, and you will not have reprint the whole carriertop if its shaft breaks.

If you like this, you might like my new design at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3486215

Added a detailed explanation of how I used Meshmixer manipulated the Earth STLs in the Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Build Notes PDF file (section And (section 2.1.4 « Getting it to Tick » ) an explanation of what you need to pay attention to, to get it to tick reliably.

Added some of the intermediate Earth North STL files that I had describe in the PDF (Earth North 2 Mix.stl, Earth North 2 Mix Combined.stl, and Earth North 2 Mix Not Combined, both Solid.stl) to the distribution files.

Added corrections from comments and a picture that helps show how this is assembled to Clock Build Notes PDF.

Added jay999’s Euro parts sources to Clock Build Notes PDF.
I also added a Mainframebottom-72Tgearminuteadjuster 2.STL. I found the original gear impossible to adjust the time with. I haven’t had tried it yet, but if anyone wants to test it, let me know if it works for you.

Parts list

Here are the parts that I used. You can use hex socket or Philips head screws, your choice. I used hex socket head cap screws for the balance wheel weights because they were heavy. I paid about $1 a piece for all the ball bearings on ebay or Amazon.
Some of the “2mm” and “3mm” shafts that I’ve picked up on ebay or Amazon have been slightly oversized, just enough so the bearings won’t fit on to them. Look for a slip fit of the shaft in the bearing. DON’T force the bearings on the shaft. I tried and jammed the bearings, making them useless. My solution was to order from another vendor. Maybe you will get lucky the first time.


(2) 3x6x2.5 ball bearings
(4) 2x5x2.5mm ball bearings
(9) 8x22x7mm ball bearings
(3) 12x28x8mm (6001) ball bearings
(~200mm) 2mm shaft
(~100mm) 3mm shaft
(18) M2x8 flat head screw
(10) M2x8 cap screw
(2) M2x10 cap screw
(3) M2x20mm flat head screw
(8) M2.5×8 cap screw
(2) M3x8 hex socket head cap screw


3x6x2.5 ball bearings
• 2 for the Balance Wheel
2x5x2.5mm ball bearings
• 2 for the Fork
• 2 for the Escape Wheel
8x22x7mm ball bearings
• 1 for the Moon
• 1 for the Earth
• 2 for the Main Frame-32Crowngear and the Forkframe-forkframeconnector-1
• 1 for the Main Frame-24tgearplusshaft and the Main Frame-carriertop
• 1 for the Clock Face-72tminute shaft halfs and the Main Frame-carriertop
• 1 for the Clock Face-72tminute shaft halfs and the Clock Face-Face Plate
• 2 for holding the Main Frame-carriertop center shaft in the Mainframebottom-mainframetop a. Note that I used A26’s bearingadapter.STL as spacer between them.
• 1 for holding the Mainframebottom-18tgearplusshaft 2 in the
Mainframebottom-mainframetop c
12x28x8mm (6001) ball bearings
• 1 for the lower 30tbevel gear
• 1 for the lower drum
• 1 for the upper 30tbevel gear
2mm shaft
• 16mm long for the Tourbillon-15Tanchor2 (Fork)
• 13mm long for the Tourbillon-15Tesc (Balance Wheel)
• 13mm long (x3) to hold the three 10tbevel gears in the drum.
• 12mm long for the Forkframe-40Tgear 2
• 18mm long for the hourgear2
• 14mm long between the Clock Face-72tminute shaft halfs and the Main Frame-carrierbottom
• 13mm long between the Main Frame-24tgearplusshaft and the Main Frame-carrierbottom
• 10mm long between the Main Frame-Earth North and the Main Frame-carriertop
• 10mm long between the moon and the Main Frame-carriertop
• 46mm long between the Mainframebottom-Mainframebottom2 and the Mainframebottom-18tgearplusshaft 2
3mm shaft
• 51mm long between Forkframe-forkframe back 2 and Forkframe-forkframe1
M2x8 flat head screw
• 3 to hold Tourbillon-tourbframeback2 to the Tourbillon-tourbframemiddle2.
• 3 to hold the Tourbillon-tourbframemiddle2b to Tourbillon-tourbframemiddle2.
• 4 to hold the Clock Face-Face Face to the Clock Face-Face Plate.
• 2 to hold the Clock Face-Face Bridge to the Clock Face-Face Plate.
• 2 to hold the Main Frame-carrierbottom to the Main Frame-carriertop.M2x10 flat head screw
• 2 to hold Tourbillon-Tourbframetop2 to Tourbillon-tourbframemiddle2.
• 2 to hold Forkframe-forkframe 2 2a to Forkframe-forkframe back 2.
M2x8 cap screw
• 4 to hold Forkframe-forkframe 2 2a to Forkframe-forkframeconnector-1.
• 4 to hold Forkframe-forkframe1 to Forkframe-forkframeconnector-1.
• 1 to hold the Main Frame-39tgear cap to the Forkframe-forkframeconnector-1.
• 1 to hold the Main Frame-39tgear cap to the Main Frame-carriertop.
M2x10 cap screw
• 2 for the Main Frame-32Crowngear to the Main Frame-carriertop
M2x20mm flat head screw
• 3 for connecting the Mainframebottom-mainframetop a to the Mainframebottom-mainframetop
M2.5×8 cap screw
• 8 to the Mainframebottom-Mainframebottom2 to Mainframebottom-mainframetop c. Had to drill this out a little to get them to fit.
M3x8 hex socket head cap screw
• 2 for the Tourbillon-balancewheel to add weight

Some sources I’ve used

10pcs 2x5x2.5mm MR52-ZZ Precision Ball Bearings Chrome Steel, Metal Shield
3x6x2.5 mm Miniature Steel Bearings MR63ZZ L-630 673ZZ Deep Groove Ball bearing 10 PCS Skateboard Bearings
M4x8 hex socket head cap screw


The Astronomia was on my list of clockworks to model too, but since A26 did so much work on his design, I thought that I would start with it (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3061474). I’m very impressed with the effort that he put into it.


The assembly instructions were a little lean, and I haven’t found an easy way of documenting a complex design either. So I took an easy way, I imported all the STLs and created some assemblies so that I could see how all the parts fit together. My posted ‘Assy’ STL files that show the whole assembly, and several sub-assemblies, which can be viewed with Meshmixer to get an idea of what goes where.

I made many modifications and additions to the original design, hopefully to improve its accuracy and the reliability. And a couple of the changes were just to make it look a little more like the actual Astronomia. With these changes it runs a couple hours with about 5 feet of nylon 30 pound test fishing line. It is hard to see in the time lapse mpeg movie file.

Refer to the « Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Build Notes » PDF in the files for more information on how the parts fit together.

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