The Doorman is a project to greet your visitors!

When motion is present, the eyes will open to look around.

What you’ll need to build this:

1x Arduino
5 x Servo
5 x capacitor 3300 µf
1 x batterypack ( 4AA )
1 x PIR sensor
2 x 3mm Universal Joint
I used Pattex glue to put it all together and acrylic paste to fill up anything that needed be filled up.

Not the easiest project but a lot of fun!

Note: not everything might fit together perfect and some tweaking will be needed.

The eye mechanism was found here ( forgot the eyelids, but they’re in here ):


( Affiliate ) Links: | servo | joint | battery | pir sensor | arduino

note: this is the stuff I used. Depending on the manufacturer there may be some differences in dimensions which you need to take into account when printing.


Source thingiverse

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