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Discover a world of stunning jewelry with our collection of digital files designed specifically for 3D printers.

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Introducing our remarkable hand roller, the ultimate tool for adding intricate textures to your polymer clay creations.

2 Measurements
The small roller is 80mm long and 24mm in diameter.
The large roller is 100mm long and 30mm in diameter.

To achieve flawless results, follow these steps:
1. Place the desired clay onto a smooth surface.
2. Use a roller or any cylindrical object to even out the surface.
3. Apply equal pressure with the roller, ensuring consistent texture throughout.

Please note that the quality of your printed results may vary depending on your printer. Resin printing (SLA) generally yields the best results.

For optimal output, we recommend printing the texture rollers at a low layer height, such as 0.1 – 0.2mm. No additional supports are required.

Rest assured, our rollers are designed to be both user-friendly and fully functional. Feel free to check out the PLA prints in the images to verify their reliability.

We have poured our dedication and attention to detail into creating these rollers to ensure a seamless printing experience.

Not only will these rollers help you craft exquisite jewelry, but they can also boost your income potential!

We would love to see your prints, and as a returning customer, keep an eye out for a discount coupon in your email. Your feedback means the world to us.

As these are digital files, we do not offer returns. Please ensure that you have read the description carefully and that your purchase brings you joy.

Thank you for choosing EULITEC. Happy printing!

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