Ultra High Resolutions !

Animation Ready !

This model has high resolution cocpi.t If you don’t want a ****pit, look at this version https://www.********.com/3d-models/aircraft/military-aircraft/su-57-felon-with-high-resolution-textures-fully-rigged.

Easy control for animations ! all parts rigged ! (Only Blender)

Optimized for: high end animation, and still display projects.

Ultra fast render with new ‘Eevee’ engine.also works cycle render.

Fully rigged all parts with zero collision: see pictures for rig (rigged parts can control with empties x direction (only blender. but can be integrated to other programs.))

1 – Front and back gears – rigged

2- All the flaps are rigged

3- Engine exhaust – rigged

4- Cocpit panel – rigged

5- Full bacground HDRI Texture

SU-57 Felon has 4 textures seperated; 1-Full Body, 2- Gears, 3- Weapons, 4- Cocpit

Body Polygon Count: 32.278

Cocpit Polygon Count: 28.982

Weapons Polygon Count: 51.764

Gears Polygon Count: 25.386

Textures are very high and 8k resulation : color, metalic, roughness and normal map

Fully textured and uv-mapped (non overlapping)



Télécharger STL sur fr.3dexport.com

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