Looking to add some unique decoration to your boring sneakers? Tired of your shoes being the same as everyone else’s? Do you commonly find yourself daydreaming of riding off into the sunset? If your answers are yes, perhaps what you need is your own pair of manly cowboy sneaker spurs.

These were heavily inspired by Daxflame’s Croc Spur (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4842994), but the spurs slide over the heel of your sneakers (or similar shoes) instead. They’re plenty comfortable to walk in, but I would strongly advise against running in them or wearing them for a long period of time without modifying them (attaching a layer of felt to the inner portion of the spur may help). I tested the spur on several different sneakers and the spur fit nicely on each. There isn’t a left/right spur, the clip fits both left/right shoes.

The sneaker spur clip should be printed angled side-down (refer to Cura screenshot above); same with the spur wheel. Once printed, the current method used to assemble the pieces is to remove all support and insert a short length of filament through the clip as an axle. Both ends can then be glued with whatever glue prefer and trimmed flush with cutters or a hobby knife. I think I’ll make a new way to assemble the pieces in the future. If anyone would appreciate an F3D file (native Fusion 360 file) please let me know.


  1. Added a Complete assembly file; this model has the spur floating in the correct position relative to the clip, with a new axle as well. I printed this file myself, and although it turned out great, the support removal was quite lengthy and difficult.

  2. Added an alternate spur shape, might make some others as well for variety. I’ll take suggestions for any new shape ideas as well!

Télécharger STL sur www.thingiverse.com

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