3D model of human male body in rest pose with accurate natural proportions, a low-poly base mesh in 5 topologies.

* The photos and 3D scans of real people were used to create the model
* The bodies proportions are equal to measured natural human proportions adopted in art and design
* The models were designed to be a universal « stem cell » for more sophisticated specific topology like anatomic, sculpture, animation
* Clean topology based on loops and quads
* Extra four mesh density levels for head and limbs: basic, simple, intermediate, advanced
* Each mesh is put in a separate file
* Head and limbs positions are equal, so they can be easily combined to specific needs
* Advanced mesh of head features mouth pit and realistic ears
* Models have real world scale (system units – centimeters)
* Base of the models is at the World Origin (0,0) just above the grid
* The model is good as a basis and 3D reference for modeling and sculpting adult human, humanoid, android bodies with natural proportions

File formats:
* max – Autodesk 3ds Max 2011
* ma – Autodesk Maya 2011
* c4d – Maxon Cinema 4D R13
* blend – Blender 2.80
* ztl – ZBrush 4R7
* 3ds – 3D Studio
* dae – Collada
* fbx – Autodesk FBX ver. 2013.3
* obj – Wavefront Technologies
* stl – StereoLithography
* png – preview images
* pdf – User Guide

Polygon count (8564 vertices, 8538 quads, 2 tris):
* Start mesh: 677 vertices, 674 quads, 2 tris
* Basic mesh: 964 vertices, 962 quads
* Simple mesh: 1478 vertices, 1476 quads
* Intermediate mesh: 2011 vertices, 1994 quads
* Advanced mesh: 3434 vertices, 3432 quads
* No n-gons

Dimensions: W(57cm), L(29cm), H(180cm)

* Materials: YES, default
* Textures: NO
* UVW mapping: NO

STL exchange format is provided for the compatibility with CAD-oriented 3D software. STL mesh has the same number of polygons as the original mesh, therefore its resolution may be insufficient for quality 3D printing.


Télécharger STL sur fr.3dexport.com

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