Intended for 3d print.

Knight and horse mount, inspired by the Champion unit from HoMM3. The model pack contains two versions of the Champion: one with the horse and rider at rest, and one with the horse rearing and the rider striking with his lance. The horses can also be printed without the rider, and used with models from other miniatures manufacturers. See detailed list of model parts below.

Detailed list

The model pack contains the following model parts:

  • 1 Rearing horse
  • 1 Horse at rest
  • 1 Rider, intended to be used with the horse at rest
  • 1 Horse at rest with rider. This model is for if you want to print the champion as a single-piece model, instead of combining two separate model parts.
  • 1 Rearing horse with rider. Same purpose as above. Note that, for various reasons, the rider with the striking lance pose is not available as a separate model.

Suggested print scale is 28mm and upwards. The models are all prescaled to roughly 28mm scale, but can easily be resized in your slicer program prior to printing.


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