This stomp rocket/glider combo has an angled launch tube, making it great for inter-cubicle warfare. Providing, of course, everyone is wearing safety glasses. Truth be told, the glider is a little on the heavy side, so don’t expect long, swooping flights. You can hold the wings under hot water while twisting the tips up or down to trim the flight characteristics.

All parts print up easily using a 0.4mm line width and 0.2mm layer height. The glider has build-in break-away supports under the wings, so no added supports are needed. For a better seal on the air chamber, wipe a thin film of light grease or vaseline on the inside of the cylinder circumference.

To launch, just load the glider or rocket onto the launch tube, lift up the plunger to the top of the air chamber on the launcher, and then smack it down smartly.

CAUTION — HIGH SPEED PROJECTILE Do not shoot yourself in the face, or anyone else in the face, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Notes on scaling: If you want to scale this up, you need to scale the rocket and plunger by slightly different amounts from the launcher to maintain tight clearances. You can use the following formulas:

LS = desired launcher scale factor (say 1.5)
RS = rocket scale factor
PS = plunger scale factor

PS = 1.01444 x LS – 0.01444
RS = 0.95633 x LS + 0.04367

Or, just use one of these sets of percentage scalings:
Launcher scale: 125%, Plunger scale: 125.4%, Rocket scale: 123.9%
Launcher scale: 150%, Plunger scale: 150.7%, Rocket scale: 147.8%
Launcher scale: 200%, Plunger scale: 201.4%, Rocket scale: 195.6%
Launcher scale: 250%, Plunger scale: 252.2%, Rocket scale: 243.4%
Launcher scale: 300%, Plunger scale: 302.9%, Rocket scale: 291.3%

Source thingiverse

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