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Christmas is coming…
You need a configurable santa claus? You have a configurable santa claus.
You can even generate 25 santas to print in a go, and they will all look different! Even a little crazy sometimes.

There are also accompanying random reindeers available.

Features you control are:

  • type of render (configred / random)
  • number of santas
  • polygon count (go to 5 or 4 for a freaky look)
  • You can add a hole in santas hat to use them as Christmas decorations on your tree! (Thanks go out to CaptInsano for the idea)
  • body size, head size, height, head rotation
  • nose size
  • leg size, length, angle
  • hat length, size
  • arm size, angle, thickness
  • eye radius, size
  • mouth / beard size and angle
  • bag size and side

So you can have little give-aways / presents for christmas time, as they print quite fast, even in big amounts.

All print without supports.

If you like it, please have a look at all my customizable creations.
There are more configurable-text-based creations, multi-line label, floor stand, gadget display stand, sweeping name plate, bunting banner, customizable text box III, pyramid text, name plate, Customizable text box with lid and round text. Have also a look at my configurable pack of dogs, rabbits, reindeers and santas. There are also useful coat hangers and finger toys.
Or see the customizable filament swatches to have an overview over your material.

Please post your makes as « i made one »! I am curious what my customizable designs are used for and wether printing works out well. Also if you have ideas or wishes, let me know.

And a big thank you to all who posted already « makes »! Thanks to Topside for letting me add his pictures of the painted santas!

Have fun and merry Christmas!

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