Just a couple of modifiers to give Honeycomb vase(by radus) more stable bottom. Also i think it looks more organic. Done in Blender 3d, .blend file is attached.

[sotvl_Spiral-Vase.stl] is a solid shape. you should print it in « Spiralize Contour »(Cura) or « Spiral Vase »(Slic3r). Ts is not waterproof, as it will be small holes on a way up from bottom. So, it is not good for water, but soil is ok.

[sotvl_thick 1,2mm] – with a proper thickness calculation. 1mm and 2mm thick respectfully. probably waterproof… but not tested by myself with a print yet. Slice and print as a usual thing, not in vase mode.

[sotvl_thick-Blender.stl] is thick/thin shape. should be ok for usual print and waterproof, but need more testing with prints. At current state, it seems it less reliable compared to sotvlthick 1,2mm.

[sotvl.blend] – source Blender3d file, shape and thickness can be changed there. (for advanced users)

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