Collapsing Pirate Sword

This is a collapsing sword designed to be printed as one part. Its only 142mm high when printed but expands to over 860mm in total length! It also makes a really cool noise as it expands as a result of the layer lines rubbing together which really takes people off guard.

The sword is designed to be printed with a ,4mm nozzle, so the blade will be two shells thick. I had weird issues with blobs and zits at retraction which I normally don’t have until I turned on « wipe » and « coast ». I think this is a result of the thin walls with a narrow amount of clearance between the blade segments. Every printer is different but I had good luck with .15mm coast and 3mm wipe, on my MK3.

This is the second collapsing sword, you can find the first version here. This version is a little trickier then the first as the guard on the hilt can cause issues. It gets a little flimsy at the top so make sure you have z-hop turned on in case it curls.

I have included a blank template of the sword in a « STL » as well as a « STP » file so you can make you own designs! Please post a remix so I can make one too! 🙂

5/1/18 ~If it helps anyone out, I added a file named « test print ». If this works, you shouldn’t have a issue. If it fuses together, I would suggest adjusting your cost and wipe settings.

I also added a extended version. Its the same length, the blade comes out further. I thought that some peoples swords did not extend as far as mine. If you want to give this one a try go ahead and let me know the results.

Additional versions:
Lightsaber (Print in Place)
Lightsaber (Removable Blade)
Sith Lightsaber (removeable blade)
Jian (Print in Place)
Bo Staff

I am no longer posting new models here and have moved to Thangs. If you want to see my new stuff or looking for support or updates of my existing models, please look for me there.

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