So I needed a design that I could give to all of my long-distance paramours this past Valentine’s Day. I decided on a variation of my recreation of Ludwig Oeschlin’s Dual Ulysse escapement since it naturally fits within a heart shape. I explain that this model is to « count the seconds we’re apart. »

Currently it is only hand-powered since I could not get my elaborate, ratcheting going-barrel to work with it. I guess we could debate the merits of the immediacy and personal interaction with the hand-powered version vs. the design and sophistication of the spring-powered version. Once the spring motor is more reliable, I’ll upload it.

Tolerances are pretty tight on this design (as with all radial-thrust escapements), so be mindful of how it prints (avoiding over-extrusion and elephant-footing).

I tried to modify the design so that all shafts could be 16mm x 2mm dowel pins rather than cut shafts to save time.

See it in action:

I shortened the 30T gear so that it fits the dowel pin better. Now all shafts can be 2mm diameter x 16mm long dowel pins (as linked above) with the exception of the balance wheel shaft. I’ve gotten a version working with a PLA filament strip as a shaft, so the design can meet my intent of not requiring any Dremelling.

I also added exploded views from Openscad to show how all of the parts fit together.

user sarf2k4 kindly posted a how it’s made video via the following link: that might prove helpful. Be sure to check the comments section for trouble-shooting advice, but don’t hesitate to comment or message if you have any issues.

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