Here you have a collection of Holder to tame your Cable jumble ūüėÄ I got inspired by different Solutions like peaberry´s Cable Tie Base.

I Printed mine with ASA, 0,2 mm layer Height, 0,6 mm Nozzle, 100% infill, 2-3 Perimeter.

Holder Selection:

Single, I, T, + Holder (3 mm Screw)

Width for the cable tie: 4,8 mm

Pyramid + Screw (S = 3 mm, M = 3,5 mm, L = 4 mm)

Width for the cable:

S = 4,15 mm
M =4,84 mm
L = 5,3 mm

Pyramid + Double Sided Tape (Fast & Cheap print, less strength)

Width for the cable:

S = 3,48 mm
M = 4 mm
L = 5,2 mm

I tested all Pyramid (S) and normal Versions to compare its strength.

No wonder: The screwed ones are far stronger. Only the Pyramid (s) got destroyed during the test with a crowbar ūüôā With all other models or if layed through 2 loops of the pyramid, the holder survived the test and instead the cable ties broke.

The holder got only a small visible deformation after the cable ties broke.

Installation tipps:

a) You can use the holder in different ways. Eather to crowd 4 cable ties into the pyramid or Plus Holder or use 1-2 Cables and increase the strength of the holder this way.

b) You can scale the holder up/ down if you need special sizes.

c) Do not overtighten the screws. I used a torque around 5 Nm and it worked just fine.

Have fun and keep printin! ūüôā

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