Format: C4D
File size (unzipped): 572 MB
Polygons: 9 986 528
Vertices: 4 997 745
Geometry: Polygonal Tris only
Model size: 1250 mm x 1250 mm x 3.167 mm
Projection: Mercator
Base: Open


Height Map TIF 8192*8192*16b – You can use this map in the displacement channel instead of the polygonal mesh.
Normal Map TIF 8192*8192*48b – Use this map to reveal fine details of the relief.
Satellite Map TIF 10000*10000*24b
Water Mask TIF 10000*10000*24b – Use this map for masking in the Reflection channel to get glare from the water surface.
Pseudo-color Map 10000*10000*24b – Use this map to get elevation information based on the color shade.
Boundary Mask TIF 10000*10000*24b – Use this map as a mask for your background.

Other models can be made on request.
Modifications, conversion to OBJ, FBX, STL and other formats, more detailed models and better textures on request.


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